Have you heard about our Neighbourhood Plan? The Heathrow Villages have been awarded funding from locality as part of a national neighbourhood planning scheme to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the area, which will give villagers a greater say in future planning and development decisions.

We’re looking for residents, businesses and community organisations from any of the Heathrow Villages to create a local Forum to start to think about what a Neighbourhood Plan covering the Heathrow Villages might look like. You don’t need any particular experience or skills, the only requirement is a passion for wanting to make the villages a better place to live.

Heritage Green Space Housing
Enterprise Community Space Transport

Our Vision: The future of the Heathrow Villages should be defined by the communities of people living there and what they feel is important. The Neighbourhood Plan will provide a framework in which leadership, partnership, governance and resources can emerge that will give shape to these communities’ values and aspirations. It will put in place new ways of working that will help local business to thrive and support those whose activities deliver social benefit.

Our Plan: A Neighbourhood Plan can cover a variety of topics such as: heritage sites, housing, sites for employment, green spaces, transport infrastructure, and community facilities. It can help to keep the balance between providing more homes and jobs without sacrificing the special character of the Heathrow Villages, by providing local design standards that meet the aspirations of the local community. Please see the boundary map below, showing what area the neighbourhood plan covers.

Our Forum: In order to take forward neighbourhood planning in the area, we will need to create a Neighbourhood Forum to act as the voice of the community. This forum should have at least 21 members, and needs to be as representative as possible of our community. The Heathrow Villages Forum will reflect the diverse population and the various local business interests, covering both young and old, homeowners and tenants, and all those who have a stake in the future of the area. It is likely that forum members will meet a few times a year to work on the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan, with groups within the forum looking at the different issues covered by the plan.


What’s special about the Heathrow Villages? Lying between the M4 and Heathrow Airport, the five villages of Longford, Harmondsworth, Sipson, Harlington and Cranford have a strong agricultural history. Until the early 1940s most of the land around Heathrow was used to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, and this horticultural heritage can still be seen in the buildings and landscape that remain today. Since the opening of Heathrow Airport, the area has had to cope with several plans to expand the airport, but it remains relatively undeveloped with plenty of open green space compared to surrounding areas.

np boundary

We need your input! Without the support of the local community, the Neighbourhood Plan will not succeed. If you’re involved in the Heathrow Villages, as a resident, a worker, or in any other capacity, your views are important to us. We will be holding community planning and consultation events in the area, so please come along and get involved. If you can’t make it to any of our events, we will be preparing a questionnaire to collect the views of people in the area, so please contact us if you would like a copy.

Visit: www.heathrowvillagesforum.org
Email: heathrowvillagesplanning@gmail.com
Follow: @HRWplanning

Please browse the rest of this website, come to a consultation event and help shape the future of our area!

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